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We cannot fully understand the complexities of life and the human race if we never dare to venture farther than our homes. Travel opens our eyes to ways of life we never even considered and teaches us things we never knew we were missing out on. 

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Community is the cornerstone of belonging and acceptance, something we all strive for and need to feel fulfilled. The fear of disconnection causes us to feel shameful and lost - connecting in deep, meaningful ways with others helps us to understand each other and know that we are not alone.

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Music is universal and transcends the barriers of language and culture. Music is deep and primal and an integral part of being human. Whether or not you consider yourself a musical person, we are all born loving music and it connects us with one another in very meaningful ways.

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How can we be ourselves in a world that is constantly telling us what to wear, how to act, and what to think? Learning to be our authentic selves, speaking our truths, and being vulnerable with those we trust gives others the permission to open up and do the same. 

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